Mexicains Sans Frontiers

Mexicains Sans Frontieres is multimeida alternative artspace
located at 120 S Dvision #226 , Grand Rapids, Michigan
presenting the best in cutting edge new music and art.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Federico Ughi and Adam Cain Oct 28 WSG CAngue League

US TOUR 2011

Avant garde guitar and drums duo from NYC will tour the country in October and November 2011. This is a collaboration of two NYC players that have a long history in the creative music community of New York. Focusing on dynamics, pulse and textures this project will bring their NYC sound from the East coast to New Mexico.


OCT 27 Pittsburg, PA @ Garfield Artworks 8pm
OCT 28 Grand Rapids, MI @ Mexicains Sans Frontieres
OCT 29 Chicago, IL (w/ Dan Godston trp) @ Brown Rice
OCT 30 Chicago, IL @ Hungry Brain
NOV 1 Denver, CO @ West Side Books
NOV 3 Albuquerque, NM KUNM 89.9FM Live Radio Show 1pm
NOV 3 Albuquerque, NM The Projects 3614 High St NE

Adam Caine

A guitarist, improvisor and composer, Adam Caine plays primarily jazz and experimental music but has a background in diverse styles from blues to metal to electronic music. Adam fronts the Adam Caine Trio with Tom Blancarte and John Wagner and plays in Eric Eigner's Mysterium and Josh Myer's Big Words.

Adam grew up in Rochester, New York and studied music at the University of Rochester. Since 2000 he has lived in Brooklyn, New York and has played in New York City and throughout the United States. Adam has performed with Connie Crothers, Paul Smoker, Daniel Carter, Ken Filiano, Phil Haynes, Glen Branca, Haale, and the New York Soundpainting Ensemble.

Adam's trio CD's "Thousandfold" (NoBusiness Records, 2009) and "Pipe" (TrueFalse, 2005) received rave reviews in the Wire, Cadence, and All About Jazz. In 2008, Adam was awarded a grant from the Brooklyn Arts council for an improvised performance with visual artist Marjan Moghaddam. As a composer for video art, Adam's music has been featured in over 20 international festivals since 2006.

Federico Ughi

"Federico Ughi is characteristically splendid, his drums serving as much more than a rhythmic undercurrent..." Cadence Magazine

Federico Ughi is a drummer and composer based in New York.

Federico Ughi's music infuses the New York avant garde sound with a sense of melody inspired by the Italian classical and folk traditions of his childhood in Rome. Ornette Coleman has been a major influence for Federico as well as a mentor.

Born in Rome, Italy Federico relocated to London at age 21 to play music, from there moving to New York in 2000 again to play music. He has been based in Brooklyn, NY ever since.

He has performed or recorded with Daniel Carter, William Parker, Darius Jones, The Cinematic Orchestra among others. Federico Ughi has perfomed throughout Italy, the UK, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Slovenia, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Canada and the US.

"Ughi seems less concerned with the usual strategies of Free Jazz, although much of what he writes falls in that genre, than with the integration of improvisation and composition in a seamless unit that meshes melodic abstraction with sophisticated writing." All Music

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Xenia Rubinos Aug 7th

Brooklyn based Xenia Rubinos comes to Grand Rapids to Mexicains Sans Frontieres
Aug 7th at 7 PM

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mara Rosenbloom Quartet Mar 9 , 8 PM, All Ages

March 9

"Rosenbloom renews the trite formulas of jazz with sparkling compositions that are both lyrically contemplative and rhythmically pulsating...This quartet plays music that renders believable the future of jazz. As both a player and composer, Rosenbloom is already singular and ahead of those players satisfied to reside in the dull water of familiar elements." All About Jazz

"Mara Rosenbloom has something special. I saw it coming even in her early compositions. She just has a musical vision and not even music college was able to dilute it. Listen and watch as her music evolves. We are all going to be more and more delighted by it."
Kenny Werner

"Fresh. Honest"
Jason Lindner

"Definitely on our People-to-watch- list, Mara Rosenbloom is...still quite young [but] there's already enough proof that we can expect a lot of beautiful music from this talented musician.", Belgium

"[the Mara Rosenbloom Quartet] is totally what the New York music scene is about for me – this is what actually makes it worthwhile to go see all those shows."
Ines Kuusik, All The Things...New York Jazz and More

"Original and refreshing new sound."
Dr. Nelson Harrison

"It's fairly infrequent that my attention is captured by good jazz as of late, but fellow NYU alum Mara Rosenbloom's new record School of Fish has been spinning steadily in my stereo this week. Mara is an incredibly talented composer and pianist whose use of space has sometimes amazed me, sometimes confounded me. On School of Fish, her modular tunes give her similarly talented band plenty of room to function as an elastic unit, stretching and contorting her melodies into shifting shapes and forms."
Justin Goldner, Subdiversity

Mara Rosenbloom Electric PIano
Darius Jones Sax
Maeve Royce- Bass
Nick Anderson- Drums

8 PM
Mexicains Sans Frontieres 120 S Division Av @ 226
$10 Admission
tel 616-706-7963