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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Adam Rudolph

Adam Rudolph & Ralph Jones

Adam Rudolph: Congas, Djembe, Terija drums

Ralph Jones: Saxes, Flutes, Clarinets

Special Guest Corey Eno Ruffin and End Times Quartet

April 11th

8 PM 10$

Mexicains Sans Frontieres

120 S Division Ave # 226

Grand Rapids MI


tel 616-706-7963

YEYI (yay-yee)
World Premiere

A Wordless Psalm of Prototypical Vibrations

Adam Rudolph: Membranophones and Idiophones: handrumset (congas, djembe, tarija), frame drum, thumb pianos, gongs, percussion and mulitphonic singing, sintir, piano

Ralph Jones: Aerophones: alto & C flutes, bass clarinet, tenor & soprano saxophone, ney, hichiriki, bagpipes, bamboo flutes and piano

"The evening was transformed into an extraordinary and lyrical happening with music of ethereal light" IL GIORNALE
Adam Rudolph’s and Ralph Jones first performed together in 1974 at the Ann Arbor Blues and Jazz Festival. They have collaborated together in numerous projects including their collective quartet Eternal Wind (1980 – 1990) Kenne Cox’s Guerrilla Jam Band, De Candombe, Wadada Leo Smith, and Adam Rudolph’s Moving Pictures. In 1988 they began their association with Yusef Lateef with whom they have performed and recorded in Trio Quartet, Octet and as featured soloists in Dr. Lateefs “The African American Epic Suite” with the Koln, Atlanta, and Detroit Symphony Orchestras.
Their music is grounded in the American improvisational tradition while embracing music forms, languages, instrumentation, and cosmologies of Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the African Diaspora. Decades of performance and research into these music cultures have given the artists the background and experience to create a unique and unprecedented improvisational art form. Since 1991 they performed at many concert venues in both Europe and the United States, including Verona, Istanbul and Tampere festivals. Their concert repertoire consists of original compositions by Mr. Rudolph that serve as a basis for improvisational dialogue.

About Yeyi:
Yeyi is Mbuti yodeling - a wordless offering in thanks to the forest for …..Compositional forms serve as thematic material to provide an orchestrated context for improvisational dialogue. Music materials consist, among other things, of original melodies, textural gestures, sound languages, tone rows, traditional and synthetic scales, diadic and intervallicaly generated harmonies, call and response, polyphony, dynamics, and the coloration of silences.
Unique forms are generated through the concept of “Cyclic Verticalism”, whereby polyrhythms, as used in African music, are combined with rhythm cycles, as used in Indian music. When combined with the above-described tonal materials, larger forms can be generated. In the compositions these materials are utilized to serve emotional coloration; what in India is called Rasa. Performers are given the freedom to use their imagination and listening ability to develop the compositions within their own individual motion and timing, while still relating to the overall form and to the aesthetic and musical functions. The concept is to generate unusual relationships of sound against sound, form against form, and rhythm against rhythm in a non-linear, ever shifting kaleidoscope of music images.


Born in 1955, handrummer, percussionist, composer, multi instrumentalist and improviser ADAM RUDOLPH has been hailed as “a pioneer in world music” by the NY times. Currently he composes for his groups Adam Rudolph’s Moving Pictures quartet and octet, Hu: Vibrational trio, and Go: Organic Orchestra, a 15 – 50 piece ensemble for which he has developed an original music notation and conducting system. He has taught and conducted hundreds of musicians in the Go: Organic Orchestra concept in both North America and Europe. Rudolph recently premiered his opera The Dreamer, based on the text of Friedreich Nietzsche's "The Birth of Tragedy". Rudolph has recently had his rhythm repository and methodology book, Pure Rhythm published by Advance Music, Germany. He has performed at festivals and concerts throughout North & South America, Europe, Africa, and Japan, appeared on numerous albums and released over twenty recordings as a leader.
Over the past 25 years Rudolph has developed a unique syncretic approach to hand drumming in creative collaborations with outstanding artists of cross-cultural and improvised music, including Jon Hassel, L. Shankar, Joseph Bowie, Fred Anderson, Hassan Hakmoun and Wadada Leo Smith among others. He has released over a dozen recordings on his own Meta Records label documenting his compositions for various size ensembles as well as his collaborations with artists such as Sam Rivers, Omar Sosa, and Pharaoh Sanders.
In 1988 Rudolph began his association with Yusef Lateef, with whom he has recorded over 15 albums including several of their large ensemble collaborations. Rudolph still performs worldwide with Dr. Lateef in ensembles ranging from their acclaimed duo concerts to appearances as guest soloist with the Koln, Atlanta and Detroit symphony orchestras. He has been on the faculty of Esalen Institute, California Institute of the Arts and the Danish Jazz Federation Summer Institute. Rudolph has received grants and compositional commissions from the Rockefeller Foundation, Chamber Music America, Meet the Composer, Mary Flagler Cary Trust, the NEA, Arts International, Durfee Foundation and American Composers Forum.

RALPH M. JONES has been active as a performing artist in the African-American Improvisational tradition for over 30 years. As an internationally recognized performing artist, he has recorded and performed throughout the U.S., Europe, Africa and Asia with Dr. Yusef Lateef, Pharaoh Sanders, Ahmed­Abdul Malik, Ella Fitzgerald, Wadada Leo Smith, Ken Cox the MC5, Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures, Go: Organic Orchestra and his group, The Seekers of Truth Revolutionary Ensemble( SOTRE). Ralph has been a featured soloist with the WDR Radio Orchestra of Koln, Germany, and the Atlanta and Detroit Symphonies in the premiers and performances of Dr. Lateef's "African American Epic Suite" for quintet and orchestra. He is also a founding member of the internationally acclaimed world music ensemble, Eternal Wind. Ralph has recently composed original music for the award-winning documentary film, "Tell Me, Cuba" and provided original music for a new production of the critically acclaimed play "Death of a Salesman" featuring Avery Brooks. His most CD recent release is "Yusef Lateef & Ralph M. Jones III: Woodwinds" on YAL records.

He has earned his Masters degree in African- American Studies and his B.A. in Ethnomusicology from UCLA, where he also studied the hichiriki with Japanese Gagaku master Togi. As an educator, he is in his 16th year on the music faculty of the California State Summer School for the Arts and is presently Faculty in Residence at Oberlin College's Afrika Heritage House.

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March 21st 8-PM
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